Lost Vital Spark is a modern melodic death metal band from Linz, Austria, consisting of Stefan Pitzer (vox), Denis Odobasic (guit), Benjamin Dengler (guit), Andreas Hagmüller (bass) and Manes Recheis (drums).


They formed Lost Vital Spark with the purpose of creating their own style of fast, aggressive music. A mix of modern and traditional melodic death metal, dynamic tempo changes and tight musicianship flowing together into complex arrangements.
At a time when quality is being replaced by quantity and is still being sold as groundbreaking, Lost Vital Spark are able to stand out of the masses, without riding the trend wagon. Not afraid of mixing different styles, genres and non-standard song structures, the goal is to write memorable songs, keeping the listener interested from start to finish.

Marching on since 2002, Lost Vital Spark have released a self-titled demo in 2007 followed by their debut album "Levaithan" in 2009. The album was heavily promoted with dozens of gigs all over the country, also by various radio stations and zines, which helped the band make an memorable impact in the local metal scene.

Fast forward to 2013, the band manages to stay relevant with their newest offering called "The Great Coercion". This six-track EP, recorded and produced by the band itself, takes everything Lost Vital Spark stands for a step further. Aggressive riffs, shredding leads and unique solo parts supported by heavy bass lines and solid drum patterns are characteristic for the songs. The instrumental part is anchored by thunderous screams and passionate cleans. Avoiding clichés, the lyrics show depth and complement the idea of Lost Vital Spark perfectly.


With a solid line-up since 2005, known for their highly energetic live shows, they are not going to stop any time soon! Enjoy the madness.