Lost Vital Spark

Modern Death Metal from Austria

Lost Vital Spark is a modern melodic death metal band from Linz, Austria. They formed in 2002 with the purpose of creating their own style of fast, aggressive music. A mix of modern and traditional melodic death metal, dynamic tempo changes and tight musicianship flow together into complex arrangements. Not afraid of mixing different styles, genres and non-standard song structures, the goal is to write memorable songs, keeping the listener interested from start to finish.

„In Search of Resonance“, Lost Vital Spark's third release, shows the band's determined development towards more aggressive, in-your-face modern death metal. Following their previous critically acclaimed releases „Leviathan“ and „The Great Coercion“, Lost Vital Spark once again achieve higher goals in terms of song writing and production. Staying true to their DIY attitude, they kept the recording and mixing process in their own hands, while mastering duties were handled by Ermin Hamidovic from Systematic Productions (Periphery, Architects, Devin Townsend Project).


Vocals - Stefan Pitzer
Guitar - Benjamin Dengler
Guitar - Denis Odobasic
Drums - Manes Recheis
Bass - Andreas Hagmüller


Lost Vital Spark - In Search Of Resonance Review
Metal Archives 92%

"This is a band that exactly knows what chords and melodies to use in different situations. (...)
This is some quality Metal music that easily competes with some of the genre’s big names."

Lost Vital Spark - In Search Of Resonance Review

"Dank fetter Produktion entwickelt „In Search Of Resonance“ amtlichen Druck am Trommelfell
und kann vor allem Leuten mit Freude an technisch versiertem Todesblei mit melodischen
Einsprengseln viel Glück bescheren."